What’s Awesome about Dagala App?

  • Convenience, Access, confidentiality. A consumer offering to deliver health innovation value.

    It's super convenient to have a single app for all your healthcare access needs! Just with a few clicks on your phone, you can now access a doctor, order medicine or fullfill a prescription and so much more delivered right to your doorstep! All you need is a smart phone and a finger!

  • Decentralising molecule data to detect counterfeits and improve treatment outcomes

    Bes assured that all medicine acceesed via the dagala APP would have undergone serious block chain technology to detect fakes and counterfeits so that what is delivered to you is the genuine article. We have taken that worry away from you. 

  • Lead the way in innovative access of quality Healthcare

    The democratisation of healthcare references the knowledge-driven power in medicine and its inevitable shift from doctor to patient. We hope to spur on the transition through our e-services platform, providing the people of Africa the ability to have quick and efficient access to treatment.

  • Together We can all Win

    Millions of Africans are exposed to deadly diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV-related illnesses every year, and all of these diseases can be prevented and treated with the correct access to appropriate and affordable medicine, vaccines and other healthcare services.

    Unfortunately, much of these extremely necessary medicines and medical equipment are not produced in Africa, which causes the challenge of cost and uninterrupted access. 

    Without the proper access to medicine disease wins. Our vision is to make sure that the patients receive the required health facilities without having to wait for them to the point where they face serious risk.

  • The Future is Here

    Track your order live! Know where your order is and trace it on your map! Be control of your health in the palm of your hand

  • Mission

    Our main mission is to partner with global pharmaceutical product manufacturers and service providers and consistently supply quality medicines and medical equipment at value offerings across the African Continent.

    Get your orders instantly! Place your orders and watch them reach your doorstep instantly!

Your Phone's your Pharmacy

Get the best of everything through this ultimate app! No more trips to the pharmacy! This app makes your smart phone a simple and effective tool to access all your healthcare needs. It’s simple, convenient, cost effective and very efficient!


The Entire Eatery Range At Your Fingertips

Whatever you fancy, wherever you fancy, we have the entire range of cuisines available just for you to satisfy your hunger. Select the meal of your choice, from an eatery of your choice, at the date and time of your choice and hey presto, you will a five-star culinary experience in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. Your wish is our command!

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    Cough, Cold and Flu,Stomach and Bowel

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    Eye Care,Skin Problems

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    Cough, Cold and Flu,Eye Care

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